Areas of expertise

As a small law firm, our firm takes pride in our ability to provide quality time and attention to each client. One-on-one meetings are regularly set up to keep clients up to speed with their cases and carefully weigh the risks and benefits of all of their options.

If you are looking for a trustworthy lawyer to discuss your case with call (732) 515-5593.

We will review your case and explore the appropriate options based on your unique situation.

Divorce and other family law issues are among the most personal and often overwhelming legal matters you can face. Our firm will work closely with you to find balanced, sound, and effective solutions that serve your short- and long-term interests. We handle each case with compassion and skill because we understand the delicate nature of family law matters.

Planning your estate involves difficult decisions about private matters related to the disbursement of property and assets. You will want to consult someone who makes you feel comfortable sharing intimate details of your life and concerns. Our firm provides a full range of estate planning services and tools for estates of all sizes.

For most people, real property is their largest asset, whether it be their personal residence, investment property, commercial buildings, or other property developments. Buying, selling, and operating these holdings as property owners is subject to many local, state, and federal laws. Our firm understands these intricacies and are prepared with proactive strategies to protect your interests.

What Our Clients Say

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Danish A.

"Mr. Arij was professional and took care of my case with ease and quickly. I would recommend anyone looking for legal advice to contact Mr. Arij with confidence, as I already have him working on other legal matters for me!"