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Requirements for a valid Islamic Will in NJ

First, What is a Will?

An Islamic Will, or a Sharia-compliant will, is a legal document that enables a Muslim to clearly state to whom he or she will leave his or her assets, which are inclusive of property, money and possessions. These assets are distributed to your Islamic heirs as per the Islamic law of inheritance.

Why You Should Have a Will

Having an Islamic Will or Sharia-compliant Will is beneficial in many ways:

  1. An Islamic will enables you to distribute your assets Islamically.

  2. Through an Islamic will you can leave specific gifts.

  3. You can specify your Islamic burial arrangements to reduce stress for your family in the future.

  4. With Islamic wills, you can leave a sadaqah jariyyah (charitable gift).

  5. You will be able to take care of your Ḥuqūq Allāh, including zakat and hajj through your Islamic will.

The Requirements You Need to Meet

At The Law Office of Arij H. Syed, we specialize in estate planning and can customize an estate plan that is most beneficial to you and your family. Not only, will this estate plan be valid in the State of New Jersey, but it will also meet all the Islamic requirements that are needed to be considered "Sharia-Compliant."

Our intake process is simple - after your initial consultation, you will be sent a client-intake form which will allow us to customize your estate plan and islamic will.

To schedule a free consultation contact:

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