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New Jersey Power of Attorney: What is it?

It’s A Legal Document Giving Power of Attorney to Someone

What is it?

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that grants specific powers to someone you trust, to handle certain matters for you. The person you choose as your POA is called an "agent" or "attorney-in-fact."

Why Types of Power of Attorneys (POAs) are Available in New Jersey?

You can make several different types of POAs in New Jersey. In particular, many estate plans include two POAs:

  • a financial POA, which allows someone to handle your financial or business matters, and

  • a medical POA, which allows someone to make medical decisions on your behalf. (In New Jersey, this document is called a "proxy directive." It is sometimes combined with a living will or "instruction directive" into a single document called a "combined advance directive for health care.")

In most estate plans, these POAs are what are known as "durable" POAs. Durable POAs retain their effectiveness even after you're incapacitated. When working with The Law Office of Arij H. Syed, Power of Attorney documents are provided as a standard in all of our estate planning packages. We encourage most people to create these two documents, as they help plan for the unexpected.

Call our firm today to learn more about our estate planning package. We have a very simple in-take process that will our specialized estate planning attorney - Arij Syed, Esq. create a personalized estate plan that includes power of attorney documents.

To schedule your free estate planning consultation:

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